Choose UNISTRIKE as the better maglock!

The innovative Unistrike is an elegant, universal locking solution. It is used as concealed or surface mounted additional locking element and offers higher tamper protection compared to conventional holding magnets.

Whether you choose the completely concealed version or as surface mounted - Unistrike is always the best choice when it comes to lock doors, lockers or furniture.

The concealed version is completly hidden - installed in the door leaf and its frame. Compared to standard additional locking elements, the magnetic deadbolt stays inside the housing until the door reach the correct position. This ensures completely flat surfaces with no mechanical elements protruding. 

The newly developed magnetic bolt counterpart is significantly more compact than other solutions in the market. Thanks to its low installation depth, it is  particularly suitable for narrow profiles. 

The Unistrike lock is also ideal as surface mounted retrofit solution. You can add access control wherever you want - on the hinge side as well as on the non-hinge side. 

Compared to conventional mag locks, it offers a bunch of advantages: 

Choose alternative!

Unistrike is the ideal solution for retrofitting additional locking on doors. It is the best alternative to magnetic locks; small, versatile and with less power consumption.
On top, the "made in Germany" solution is more adjustable, needs less accesories and is also available als fail unlocked version. 

Choose security!

The Unistrike solution offers a high holding force comparable with 3000N maglocks. Thanks to its integrated construction, it offers higher protection against tampering and manipulation than magnets do.

Choose design!

The concealed version of Unistrike is smaller, quieter and more visually appealing than comparable surface-mounted locking solutions. When the door is open, the magnetic latch disappears completely in the housing. 
Compared to the magnet surface mounting, the Unistrike has some more optical advantages, especially when it comes to the so-called Z-bracket assembly with a magnet.

Choose versatility!

The Unistrike lock is designed as an additional lock for a wide range of applications. It fits in all surroundings thanks to its universal installation position - it can be mounted vertically and horizontally, concealed and surface mounted.

Choose sustainability!

The Unistrike solution using an electric strike requires 40 to 50% less electricity than a magnet. Offering the same holding force, power consumption is reduced by 50%. And material consumption for steel, aluminum and copper is also reduced by 67.5%.

Choose usability!

The Unistrike is very user-friendly: 

it only requires low opening force thanks to the soft latch spring. There is no closing force needed due to the magnetic latch. And last, but not least: locking and unlocking is very quiet. 

Choose simple installation!

  • Unistrike fits on almost every kind of door! You can mount it on the hinge side, on the non-hinge side; concealed or surface mounted; on wooden, metal or glass doors.
  • Retrofitting is very easy with the quick mounted housing – for each material with no cutting!
  • Giving power is quite easy! No complicated wiring and no cable in the door leaf necessary: all wiring is done in the door frame.
  • The well-known “FaFix” adjustment feature compensates mounting tolerances.

You like to know more about the technology?


Choose the control unit that fits most! Unistrike offers a bunch of possibilites to be controlled:

  • switch
  • access control
  • building management
  • telephone system
  • luminous call system e.g. in hospitals or nursing homes

Whether you like to use your access control system, a simple switch or your telephone system - it's up to you!



Unistrike can be mounted: 

  • concealed in wooden and metal frames
  • on wooden frames
  • on metal frames
  • on glass doors
Technical data

All technical data and available versions can be found in our online product catalogue.