How to secure your escape door!

The dilemma with escape route doors is the danger of unauthorised use. The escape route must be free - but controlled!

  • In emergency case, the door has to be opened from the inside
  • The door has to open easily and without tools
  • Only authorised persons are allowed to open the door without an alarm
  • Protecting escape route from misuse
  • Solution must be certified and comply with EN 13637
  • Protecting life and property
  • Controlled access from outside
  • Controlled exit from inside
  • Alarm in the event of an unauthorised door opening
  • Protection against forced entry

The solution: Electric escape door locking system

  • Against unauthorised use, the escape door is locked additionally to the main lock  (e.g. escape door striker)
  • The additional locking works on the fail-safe principle, i.e. the lock is deactivated in the event of a power failure
  • In case of emergency, the additional locking is released via an electrically controlled terminal.
  • An alarm is always triggered.
  • Authorised persons can open the door at any time using a key or access control (PIN, ID) without triggering the alarm.

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